A hard fight is about to break out in a game of Dungeons & Dragons

Coffee Break Dungeon. Like Fair City, with elves! Play every day of the week during your break. You are a group of adventurers on an expedition to find treasure in a lost temple. You will have to work together to defeat its traps and uncover its secrets.

5 one-hour sessions over a week for up to 6 players: €490

Lunchtime Labyrinths. Like Game of Thrones, with, well… dragons. Play once a week for 90 minutes, at lunchtime for example. As explorers and treasure hunters, you choose where to go on the map, and the amount of danger you are willing to face. 

4 two-hour sessions over a month for up to 8 players: €590

(reduced rates after the first month)

After hours Adventure. Like a Lord of the Rings movie, but with extra pirates and cannibals. Play a whole adventure in the course of a night! Explore a sunken city, try to steal from the Guild of Thieves, find your way out of the Fever Marsh!

1 four-hour session for up to 8 players: €490

Party Slaughterhouse. Like The Walking Dead, only worse. As part of an event, we run an open table game where you play survivors in a city overrun by the forces of evil. Drop in, take a character, and try to survive. If you die, well you can just get back to the party.

1 three-hour session for up to 10 players: €440

Enter the Dragon’s Lair. Like a heist movie, with more teeth. You have been hired to slay the dragon who has been plaguing his town.  You took the gold of course, but you plan to avoid the monster while taking as much of its hoard as you can carry!

1 four-hour session for any number of players: €690

Coming soon

  • Trolls at Tea Time: adventure and high tea by our caterer partner.
  • Luncheons & Dragons: inn adventure and themed catering.
  • Perilous Pints. Thurs-Sat, a game with taste… and tastings of Irish whiskeys or craft beers.
  • Kids & Kobolds! Come with your kids for an afternoon of family friendly adventure.


Eric's fantastic ability to capture the attention of the players (business professionals) into a world of imagination and play is enchanting. As a new player to D&D, I found Eric to be very patient and engaging. I thoroughly enjoy playing Dungeons & Dragons as it is something completely different to do in a corporate environment.


Kate O'Moore
Creative Director

Eric has run several sessions for Súil. Through his imaginative and professional play style my team bonded, learnt a lot about each other and relieved some serious deadline induced stress. I would recommend Eric to any team lead looking for a new and interesting way to bring their people together and have fun.


Owen Harris

I have found Eric's sessions to be a lot fun and a great experience. They are also very good for practice at dealing with difficult situations as a group. I highly recommended anyone interested to give them a go!


John O'Kane

An interesting new world with an interesting bunch of people. Always friendly relaxed and surprising.  I'm glad I got to be part of the adventure and try something new for my own growth.  Always well organised event with good structure and room for individuality - thanks to Eric for a great experience!



Saoirse Sheridan

Eric introduced me to Dungeons and Dragons, which quickly became a highlight of my week. These are precious moments of fun in my busy life. It is also very interesting to discover some hidden character traits in my colleagues: someone who is normally quiet shows amazing negotiation skills, somebody normally laid back, appears to be a great fighter. Eric is a very inspiring games master and a skilled facilitator. I can see roleplaying games as a great tool for team building.

Gosia Kudyba